Our Brands

We love all the brands that we stock, but here's a little background information about them individually!


F&B Brands KAND Anti-Bacterial Range

KAND Anti-Bacterial - This range was brought into existence to help during the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020. With a close relationship to a large chemical processor we felt it was only right to offer effective sanitiser solutions at fair prices when many companies were struggling to get or maintain supply of alcohol. The popularity of products has meant that this range has become a key part of F&B Brands and will be here for the foreseeable future!

ProTechnic Aerosols - Engineering and Automotive Aerosols

ProTechnic - As a team we have many years of experience in the aerosol industry and this range was developed to offer what we believe to be the best performing engineering aerosols in the industry. Designed to solve a range of issues including lubricating machinery, protecting galvanised metal, and dispersing water the ProTechnic range has got all the essentials.


The Blue Dog & Friends - Pet Bedding Care

The Blue Dog & Friends - As a team of dog and animal lovers this great range is designed with your pets in mind! Whether you want to clean your dog bed, cat bed or bird bed we've got you covered with our range of cleaners and refresher sprays - scented or unscented to suit each variety specifically!


Renard Oils DIY Range - Made in the UK

Renard Oils - Designed to offer a simple solution to a range of everyday issues, this range does what it says on the tin! Whether you have a leaking gutter, a squeaky hinge, or gunky bicycle chain we've got a solution to most problems. Can't find something that will work? Drop us an email and ask us if we can recommend a product, or maybe we need to add one!