Renard Oils - Leading Aerosols manufactured in the UK - Cleaner & Degreaser

400ml Cleaner and Degreaser Spray

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Highly active special cleaning agent with intensive cleaning effect for oily and greasy machine parts, disc brakes and brake parts, such as brake choke, plates and clutch linings. Brake Cleaner is acetone-free.

Lubricates moveable parts and sliding surfaces. A back-up lubricating grease on spotless lubricating points. Reduces wear and tear on bearings, shafts, chains, chain wheels, brake hinges and locks. Suitable as a battery pole grease, a parting agent and preservative. Long-term resistance to salt water. Temperature resistant from -30°C up to +120°C (only for a short period of time). Prevents rust formation. Adheres extremely well. Saves the costs of maintenance and lubricants by reducing the number of failures and repairs.on of all types and sizes of open gears, including spur, helical and bevel drive gears.
This product is fully REACH compliant and is manufactured in the UK.